Checking & Savings Security

Our fraud prevention and security systems help protect you with the latest encryption technology and secure email communications.

Debit & Credit Cards

CardValet® is our Debit & Credit Card protection platform. From your mobile phone, you can:

Stop Fraud with One-Touch

Custom notifications alert you to irregular activity, allowing you to stop fraud with the one-touch on/off control.
Rush out of a restaurant without your credit card? Just turn it off until you have the time to go back for it! Turning your card on is just as simple. There's no need to replace your card.

Secure Technology
Our fraud prevention and security systems help protect you with the latest encryption technology and secure email communications.

Debit Cards and Credit Cards
CardValet® provides protection to our debit and credit cards. From your mobile phone, you can:

  • Lock or unlock your debit or credit card with one touch
  • Specify and monitor when, where and how your debit or credit card can be used
  • Instantly act on transaction alerts

Social Security Number Policy

  • Protects the confidentiality of Social Security numbers
  • Prohibits unlawful disclosure of Social Security numbers
  • Limits access to Social Security numbers

Firefighters First Consumer Privacy Notice
You can obtain more information by reviewing the Firefighters First Consumer Privacy Notice 

Set up Direct Deposit
Have paychecks, dividends and other recurring credits deposited directly to your account with no more worrying about checks getting lost or stolen in the mail.

Set up Automatic Payments
Automatic payments help protect you from late or lost payments—and a lost check in the mail can mean identity theft concerns. Contact us to set up automatic payments for your Firefighters First loans or lines of credit. For utilities or other recurring payments, contact the companies you want to pay.

Go Paperless
Access your Firefighters First checking and savings accounts, credit cards and loans through online banking and ask us to stop sending paper. Checking your balances and viewing your account statements online is safer than sending information through the mail.

Safeguard your Social Security number

  • Carry only necessary identification with you. Don't carry your Social Security card.
  • Never provide your Social Security number unless you have initiated the contact and have confirmed the business or person's identity
  • Do not use your full or partial Social Security number as a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or as a password
  • If you must send your Social Security number in an email ensure that the email is encrypted
  • Only enter your Social Security number into websites when the site is secure and you know how the recipient will protect it
  • Be cautious of your surroundings when disclosing your Social Security number. For example, if a retail store requests your Social Security number to look up your store credit card number.
  • Do not transmit your Social Security number over the internet unless you know that the connection is secure or you have encrypted the Social Security number
  • Be cautious when faxing your Social Security number and double check the fax number to ensure it is the correct number
  • Do not record your Social Security number on a check, traveler's check, gift certificate, money order or other negotiable instrument unless required by law