Identity Theft

What You Should Do If Your Identity Is Stolen

  • Contact Firefighters First immediately 
  • Contact the 3 major bureaus
  • Close compromised accounts

Protect Yourself

If your name, account number or any form of personal identification has been used in a fraudulent scheme or transaction, contact the appropriate agency immediately.

Report Bank Account Fraud

Help protect yourself by reporting any instances of:

Bank Account Fraud


Request Credit Bureau Reports

Request a copy of your credit bureau report and look for unknown inquiries or approved credit. Request a statement be placed on your record that no further credit be approved unless you are contacted directly before approval is granted.

Social Security Services

Report any misuse of your Social Security number to the Social Security Hotline at (800) 269-0271 or visit your local Social Security Office for assistance.

U.S. Postal Inspectors Office

If you've been a victim of fraud, reach out to your local post office to report incidents of stolen mail or any misuse of mail in fraudulent activities.

Local Police Departments

Victims of identity theft are advised to file a police report with their local department and retain a copy for their records.

Department of Motor Vehicles

If your driver's license is stolen, promptly report the theft to your local Department of Motor Vehicles and verify that no duplicate license has been issued under your name by an imposter.

Other Support Agencies

Federal Trade Commission

The FTC Consumer Response Center (877-FTC-HELP) operates a program dedicated to helping victims of identity theft. It logs complaints and offers support and guidance to affected individuals, helping them address credit damage and restore their personal reputation.