Debit Card Activation

Congratulations on receiving your new Firefighters First Debit Card.

We make it easy to activate your card – you can either:

Activate Now

Once you have activated your card:

  • Remove the sticker
  • Sign the back of the card on the signature strip
  • Add it to your Digital Wallet
  • Enroll in Visa CheckoutVisa® Checkout

If you have a replacement or reissued card, here’s what to consider:

Contact merchants that may have your previous card number to process automatic payments. Examples include:

  • Home security companies
  • Club and gym memberships
  • Toll Road or other transit accounts
  • Streaming subscriptions, such as Netflix® or Spotify®

Or, anywhere you have an old card number set as your payment choice... such as shopping sites, other financial institutions, utility payments, rideshare and food delivery services.