Credit & Debit Card Security

We take your security seriously. That's why our credit and debit cards come with security features that help protect your information.

  • Chip Card Technology
  • Download the FireFirstCard App
  • Sign your cards immediately
  • Check your statements for fraud

Chip Card Technology

Get stronger security for your credit and debit card with chip technology that protects your information when used at a chip-enabled terminal.

Privacy Policy

Keeping your financial information secure is one of our most important responsibilities. For an explanation of how we manage customer information, click here.

Sign Your Cards Immediately

Sign the signature panel on your credit and debit cards as soon as you receive them.

Check Your Statements

Save the receipts from your charges and keep them in a safe location. Check your statements to verify that they properly reflect the amounts you have authorized. Report any fraudulent transactions immediately.

Go Paperless

Access your Firefighters First checking and savings accounts, credit cards and loans through online banking and ask us to stop sending paper. Checking your balances and viewing your account statements online is safer than sending information through the mail.

Use a Digital Wallet

A digital wallet stores information about your physical debit and credit cards so you can make purchases at participating merchants. Certain digital wallets use virtual cards. A virtual card is the digital form of your physical debit or credit card and it has a unique card number stored within a digital wallet that's different from the physical card number. It cannot be accessed from your digital wallet if your mobile device is lost or stolen. You can use your virtual card with your digital wallet to conveniently make purchases, just like your physical debit and credit cards. You still get all the rewards, benefits and protections your physical card provides.

Use ATMs Safely

Use ATMs with surveillance cameras and be aware of people and your surroundings. When you enter or exit an ATM in an enclosed area, be sure you close the entry door completely. Do not open locked ATM vestibule doors for others or allow any unknown persons to enter the ATM area while you are making your transaction. Shield the ATM keypad with your hand or body while entering your PIN. Secure your card and cash after completing your transaction and before exiting the ATM area. Count your cash later in the safety of your locked car or home. Your ATM card is like cash, so keep it in a safe place.

Always Be Cautious

Never provide credit or debit account information to anyone who calls you. Firefighters First will never reach out to you in this way to request sensitive account information

Use the FireFirstCard App

The FireFirstCard app makes it simple to stay confident and in control of your card. Set alerts to notify you by text, email or push notifications when a specific type of purchase gets made. We've identified some of the most common purchases that scammers target, so you can identify fraud immediately.

Set Text Alerts for:

  • Card not present, online or phone purchases
  • Gas station charges
  • Declined transactions
  • International purchases
  • ATM withdrawals

Place Card Controls to:

  • Flag purchases that reach an amount you set
  • Get notified when you come close to your credit limit
  • Turn off your card if misplaced. Turn on your card when found
  • Set travel notifications before you leave the country