Increased protection against identity theft and a secure way to access your monthly statements.

  • Reduce your fraud risk from stolen mail
  • Save paper

What is an eStatement?

An eStatement is simply an electronic version of your regular account statement. Instead of sending you a paper statement in the mail, you'll receive an email notification alerting you that your statement is available to view online. The statement can be found in Online Banking and looks identical to your paper statement (it's just electronic).

Setting Up Your eStatements:

Follow these steps to enable eStatements for your checking account, savings account, etc.

  • Step #1: Login to Online Banking
  • Step #2: Statements is available on the top navigation bar
  • Step #3: Enter your email address and submit

With eStatements:

  • View your statements 24-hours a day from anywhere with internet access.
  • Receive an e-mail notification from Firefighters First the day your statement is available.
  • Access your last 18 months of account statements and check images by logging on to Online Banking.

Why Make the Switch to eStatements?

eStatements are available faster than those sent through the mail. When you receive paper statements, you rely on delivery from the post office and can take 5-7 days before they arrive. eStatements eliminate the wait time and are available instantly.

Forgetting about statements in a pile by the phone may seem harmless, but the reality is by doing so you are exposing yourself to potential security issues. Statements contain private information like your account, name and address that could be used by identity thieves. So keep your identity safe! eStatements keep your information safe behind password encrypted portals that only you have access to.

We’ll notify you by e-mail when your statement is available. Then, simply log in and view up to 18 months of statements and check images.