Everyone needs a Holiday Helper

Holiday Helper Savings Account

Have a savings account for the most expensive time of the year.

  • Login to Online Banking
  • Select “Apply/Open an Account”
  • Select “Open a Savings Account”, then “Savings”
  • Open a new Holiday Helper Savings account

Prepare for the holidays with a Holiday Helper Savings Account.

Start saving all year long and stop worrying about how you are going to pay off expenses – holiday gifts, event planning, taxes, or even for a vacation. Use this savings account for whatever you want at the end of the year.

This separate savings account features:

  • Convenient funding options through automatic transfer and payroll deduction
  • Savings automatically transfer to your checking or share account on November 15
  • Use your savings for whatever you need
  • Unlimited deposits

Know your savings goal to help you determine how much should be saved in your Holiday Helper account each month. It will add up quickly!

We make it easy for you to put money away each month.

There are no minimum deposit or balance requirements for our Holiday Helper Account. Transaction limitations: Your Holiday Helper Account may be opened at any time. Funds will be disbursed and transferred to the account you specify on or about November 15. The account will be automatically renewed following the date the funds are disbursed to you. No withdrawals may be made prior to November 15. 

To take advantage of this high-yield savings account, partial withdrawals are not allowed. A withdrawal will result in account closure with the balance deposited to your designated account. You may reopen the account after November 15.