Raise Money Smart Kids

How you manage money matters. Be a financial role model.

Be a Financially Fit Parent

According to experts, very few children learn about managing money in school. Your children model their financial behavior after you at a young age and your influence continues through the teen years. As your kids get older, involve them in household finances and what life basics cost.  

Prepare your child to be money smart with these tips:

Kid with bank


  • Play with money. Use coins and paper money to “buy and sell” toys and treats around the house.
  • Get a clear piggy bank. Show how savings grow.
  • Set an allowance. Save some, spend some.
  • Open a savings account. When the piggy bank overflows, it’s time.

tweens helping with shopping


  • Set pay for household tasks. Whether you decide on a rate per task or rate per hour, tie allowances to achievement.
  • Make lists. Ask your tween to make their “shopping list” for everyday items and share the receipt with them.
  • Pay their way. A device, game or app that’s worth owning is worth saving toward.

teen helping mow lawn


  • Create a challenge. Promise to match funds for savings goal with a due date.
  • Encourage a part-time job. Nothing matches real-world experience for financial learning.
  • Open a checking account. Managing debit card purchases sets the stage for managing a credit card.

college bound


  • Budget expenses. Independence means balancing sources of income and spending. Online tools can help.
  • Encourage online and mobile banking. Build habits like paying bills, making account transfers and reviewing transaction history.
  • Apply for a credit card. Your teen will learn how behavior impacts credit score in real time.


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