Card Customization FAQs

Who can personalize their card?

All members with a Firefighters First credit or debit card can personalize their card.

What do I need to personalize my Firefighters First card?

To get started, you will need a Firefighters First credit or debit card and a high quality image if you want to use your own image. You must own the image or have permission from the owner to use the image on your card.

I don't have an Firefighters First credit card. After I apply for a card, can I personalize it?

Yes. You can apply for a new credit card within Online Banking or by calling a Credit Union representative. You will need to wait a month from the time you receive your card information before customizing your image.

How do I personalize my Firefighters First credit card?

To get started, click here. Select which card that you would like to personalize, then follow the online prompts. If you plan to use your own image for your card, be sure to use a high quality image.

How do I know I have a high quality image?

Photos should be a minimum of 640 pixels wide by 480 pixels tall, and be no more than 10MB in size. The better your image, the better your final card will look.

What image formats are acceptable?

Photos can be either JPEG (jpg), PNG, GIF, Bitmap (bmp) or TIFF formats.

Why was my image rejected?

Firefighters First has the sole discretion to accept or reject any image. Images that include any of the following will be rejected:

I currently have a customized card with the Credit Union, do I have to set up a new custom card?

You do not HAVE to replace your current card. But when you do, your new card will have Tap To Pay which makes touchless purchases that much easier.

Can I change my photo?

Yes. You can change your photo once a month for free!

Can I use the same photo on all of my credit cards?

You can use the same photo on all of your cards. However, to help differentiate your cards, we suggest using different photos for your cards.

Can a joint owner or authorized user have a different photo on their card?

Yes. Each card on the account can be customized.

Is there a fee to personalize my Firefighters First credit card with my own photo?

Members may personalize their cards once a month at no cost.

When will I get my new card?

You can expect to receive your new card within 7-10 business days after your card design has been approved.

I have automatic payments setup with my card. Will I need to setup my information again?

Your custom card will have the same account number and new expiration date. The expiration date will need to be updated for recurring payments and online vendors you created accounts with. Be sure update your digital wallet.

My photo doesn't seem to fit within the design window?

In the event your photo is too small or can't be positioned correctly in the design window, you may need to choose a new photo or use a photo editing program outside of the card design program. After the adjustments have been made, re-upload it and try again.

I can't access the design program with my iPhone or iPad. What should I do?

The design program works best with a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads are not supported by the program.

What happens if I lose my card that was previously personalized with my photo? Can I use the same photo?

In the event you need a replacement card, you can use your original image or select a new image. 

I submitted my card design, but I haven't received any emails. What should I do?

Be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK email folder for an email. If you still didn't receive an email, please contact the Credit Union for assistance.

Can I use a photo that I took with my mobile device?

As long as the photo meets the design program's resolution guidelines, you can use the photo. You'll need to transfer the photo from your device to your laptop or desktop computer.

(Tip: an easy way to transfer photos from your mobile device is to email it to yourself and save it on the computer. Be sure to send the actual or largest size available.)

Example for iPhone:

Choose Photos > Select a Photo > Click “Share” Button > Choose Email > Select Size Medium or Larger > Send Email

My photo doesn't meet the dimensions of 640 pixels by 480 pixels. Is there a way to adjust the photo?

In the event your photo doesn't meet the program guidelines, a third-party photo/design software may be able to help. Such software may have been preloaded on your computer. For example, Macs have the iPhoto program and Microsoft-based computers have Paint.

I can't load the Customized My Card tool due to a cookies error. What should I do?

Depending on your browser and internet privacy setup, sometimes you may receive an error message due to cookies when trying to load the Customized My Card tool on our website. You will need to enable cookies in your browser setting and reload the page for it to work properly.

In Internet Explorer, choose Internet options from the Tools menu. Next, click on the Privacy tab and adjust your Settings to allow the cookies.

In Google Chrome, open the Chrome menu on the upper right corner of your browser. Select Settings and click the link on the bottom page that says Show Advanced Settings. In the Privacy section click on Content Settings button. Set the type of cookies you’d like enabled for your browsing session.

Are Business owners able to customize their business cards?(needs to be verified)

Business customers can upload a company logo, a photo depicting your business “storefront,” or another image that captures an aspect of your business.