Richard Frawley

Richard served on the Board since 2010 and now currently services on the supervisory committee. After completing 25 years with the Milpitas Fire Department in Santa Clara County, he is now the Fire Chief in Caldwell, Idaho in Treasure Valley. He has twenty-eight years in the fire service and has been previously assigned to the Suppression Division, Operation of Emergency Services, Paramedic Program, and Urban Search and Rescue with FEMA CA-TF3 as a TFL, Safety Officer, and Rescue Squad Officer. Richard grew up in Southern California and worked as a private ambulance paramedic prior to relocating to Contra Costa County in 1993. Richard and his wife Stacy live in Caldwell. They both enjoy AKC dog shows with their bull terriers “Walter” and “Fiona”. As a member of Supervisory Committee, Richard’s mission is to certify the safety and soundness of the Credit Union.